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Kube labeler

The Kube labeling machine is suitable for differentfields: wine, food, pharmaceutical and detergents in general. The machines are suitable for packaging lines from 1,000 to 25,000 containers/hour with the application of adhesive labels, cold glue, hot melt glue or mixed.

Carousel can be equipped with labelling stations on fixed or mobile modules, by selecting the needed solutions.
Modules, added or reconverted into K-Block or K-Drive devices, over time, let the user create many combinations of packaging.
The touch screen interface of the machine completes the picture of a company that is on the market for the first time with an innovation that is absolutely interesting for the players of this branch. The interface is provided with user friendly software and remote control system. In practice, all the process parameters can be controlled and potentially critical situations can be identified from any device, tablets and smartphones included.

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Video KUBE LABELLERS present:
Video KUBE LABELLERS present:


KREO R/SP adhesive unit was made for assuring the highest accuracy and reliability. On four manually or automatically adjustable axis, it can work with paper or transparent supports with coils of 400mm. length up to 90m/min. speed.
Cold glue labelling unit, by using a servo-control movement, can reduce energy consumption thanks to the high efficiency of mechanical transmissions. The new advanced geometry of the unit allows to reduce the use of glue.
HOT-MELT labelling station uses a proven system of our collaborator NORDSON, the integration of spray system with our technical solutions makes KUBE HOTMELT technology accurate and reliable.

ADVANTAGES of the new technology

The new base shape makes the machine accessible and ergonomic in all sort of operations for equipment and change of format, by reducing considerably times. Intervals for machine ordinary maintenance have been reduced, thus decreasing management costs through the use of high performance materials and technology. The machine has been designed with highly efficient components in order to deeply cut energy consumptions. Our planning commitment has given us the possibility to reconfigure the machine through time, so as to increase its use by adapting it to the changing demands of the market.

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