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Sacmi Heroline - Superlight packaging "all-in-one"

Unique design, proprietary technology for every stage of the process, total upstream integration, and an all-in-one solution to handle all blowing, filling, closing, and labelling operations.

The only company in the world to offer comprehensive and integrated plant engineering for the management for each phase of the plastics-beverage line process, Sacmi presented its new Heroline at the latest Drinktec show in Munich. Compact and versatile, this one-stop line bypasses conveying and stop-over requirements, reducing costs and increasing process efficiency.

The fully functional new line was showcased at the fair with a "superlight packaging" application, the A-to-Z production of a 200 ml bottle, with 26/22 mm neck and a weight of just 5.8 grams, highly customisable in the final stages thanks to integration with Sacmi COLORA CAP and digital printing on D-Match labels.

Designed for medium output (from 16 to 32 thousand bottles per hour), Heroline responds to a precise need of emerging markets - i.e. to produce high performance containers by reducing bulk as well as power and raw material consumption. Benefiting from exclusive SBF Sacmi technology, the blower is designed for dual cavity operation: thanks to its dual mould, the blower allows for production speed to be doubled - the ideal solution for handling small and medium sizes (from 200 to 750 ml).

With over 40 years of industry-specific experience and thanks to proprietary technology that covers all aspects of production, Sacmi designs complete products - right from preform injection (IPS) and cap moulding (CCM), to maximise process quality and efficiency, reducing energy and raw material waste. Right from the early stages, the preforms are not stacked in the octabins with the risk of deformation, breaks and contamination, but travel neatly arranged in trays to the CPB Link buffer, the cap and preform magazine that synchronises both processes and improves their logistics.

Heroblock, the brand-new four-block unit fed from the buffer, then combines in a single machine blowing, filling, closing and labelling functions, resulting in highly effective process optimisation in terms of both efficiency and costs. Integrated system management is ensured via a single operator interface

Lighter weight and customisation - two partly conflicting objectives given the presence of the typical reinforcing grooves on lighter bottles - are effectively combined by Sacmi with a unique and elegant design and the option to apply digitally printed labels on the bottle, as well as caps decorated in an endless range of colours and over 10 million possible logos. With Sacmi, these concepts translate into actual opportunities for the whole beverage market - with the project being rolled out from a highly competitive niche with limited margins such as that of bottled water production.

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